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fighting cock eggs
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posted by Vezodus | Birds For Sale | P4000.00 | 0 post

Fighting cock for sale best breed since 1976 (we have our own line of breeds , not buy and sell) For more info and pictures and sparring videos find us on Facebook: amigo's farm Sale!!!! we do discount Ready to fight We have most of the breeds Pullet and egg many breeds available Our farm...
[ Fighting Cock Any Breed For Sale ]


posted by KickStrongQuickasCock | Birds For Sale | P3000.00 | 0 post

FOR SALE: Price P3,000.00 FREE SHIPPING W/N THE PHILIPPINES Bloodline: 5K Dink Fair Sweater Age: 10 months + High Station, may tahid Ready to lay eggs Personal Banded Sa mga naghahanap ng panimula materyales, for out ko muna ito, isa beses ko lang nagamit. Maganda ang kanyang...
[ Fighting Cock - 5K Dink Fair Sweater Hen ]

posted by my3kids | Land and Farm For Sale | P1500000.00 | 0 post

Located at Barangay Tabili Catmon Cebu Along barangay road and 15km from national highway 1 hour by car and 30 min drive by motorcycle most of the roads going to property are already concreted and only 500 meters (more or less) rough roads for concreting this 2015 budget overlooking with one...
[ 5 hectares farm lot at tabili catmon cebu philippines ]

posted by pinoydot | Distributors Offered | P100.00 | 0 post

rubber pot small plastic pot feeder small rubber pot xsmall rubber pot large feeding cup regular feeding cup s plastic pot feeder large waterer 1/4 gallon waterer 1/2 gallon waterer 1 gallon feeding tray xs feeding tray xl feeding tray m egg tray fish food pellets (red & green...
[ cock fighting accessories supplements 7 ]

posted by pinoydot | Distributors Offered | P100.00 | 0 post

bird drinker bird bath canary seeds flax seeds black millet red millet buckwheat royal bird mix nyger seeds japanese millet panicum millet egg food plus 4kgs sunflower grey stripes small green millet oat groats birdseeds china birdseeds australia...
[ cock fighting accessories supplements 1 ]

posted by KickStrongQuickasCock | Birds For Sale | P7500.00 | 0 post

FOR SALE: Price: P7,500.00 pair FREE SHIPPING W/N THE PHILIPPINES Sa mga gusto magsisimulang magbreeding, try nyo ito magandang materyales na pwede ko e share sa inyo. Bull Stag, 1yr and 5months Blueface Hatch. - pwede nyo ilaban agad, currently naka precon sya, or pwede nyo e pares sa:...
[ Fighting Cock - PAIR ]

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